Thursday, June 30, 2005

Dharma & Greg

You know as a general rule, especially as this stage in my life, I kind of detest the TV. Movies I can handle to a certain degree but the TV is such an abuse of my time. There's just no value that comes from it these days.

Last night, however, I watched Dharma & Greg with my wife. You know, it felt good to laugh out loud for once. I seem to be so 'into' all the BS and negative shit in my life right now that I have been neglecting to laugh. I always thought Dharma & Greg was kind of a lame show but damn it, it's just funny. Thanks Dharma & Greg, for showing me the way. You may have won your way into my nightly schedule. (If I'm not fast asleep or playing Battlefield 2)

That is perhaps the MOST shallow post I plan on making - like, ever.

But that's just kind of how I'm feeling today.
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