Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Death by Lethargic Injection

The past three nights, maybe more, I've been getting home and going to bed at literally 8:45pm. Not by choice. I'm not talking about sitting there thinking "Hmmm I think I'll have an early night". I'm talking about my fate being dictated.

I'm finding in the evening I simply cannot function; I get home, eat with the family, bathe kids, hang with them for an hour or so, do some playing or what have you, and put them to bed shortly after 8:30. Normally that's the time I get to do my own thing but of late I put them to bed, walk down the stairs, and stumble into my bedroom, collapsing on the bed.

I liken my evenings to the image of the running-out-of-gas car that just manages to sputter into the gas station, engine spluttering and backfiring, finally cutting off right as it enters the boundary of the gas station, only to have to be pushed the remaining 10 feet to the pump. It's like, I'm able to stay awake JUST long enough to perform my fatherly duties, and then it's all over. I may or may not have time to disrobe before passing out. Somehow in the past week, I've gone from my lifelong ability of being able to get 3 hours of sleep per night and still do OK, to getting almost 12 hours per night and still not being able to make it thru the day. What changed?

I think in some bizarro world somewhere, my alter ego did something very bad in the last week, and as a result they tried to sentence him to death by way of lethal injection. The only problem is, someone picked up the wrong syringe; The one they used said "Lethargy" on it instead of "Lethal". I wonder how long it'll take before it wears off?

So... tired...
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