Friday, August 05, 2005

On The Beautiful, Blue Danube

I know it sounds strange, but go ahead and try it, I think you'll like it.

When it's down to the final 3 on a tournament table, play Strauss' "On the Beautiful Blue Danube" on a pair of headphones nice and loud. It makes raking in the chips and taking out the other two guys THAT much more satisfying.

I always picture a movie where I'm playing at a circular poker table, with the Blue Danube playing very loudly on the soundtrack (no other audio) as the camera spins around the perimiter of the table, pointing toward the middle, and every time I come into shot I'm raking in chips, a big cigar drooping out of an uncontrolled smile, with the synchronized cymbal clashes celebrating each win.

I know, I'm over-dramatizing but hey you gotta get your kicks somewhere right? Online poker is boring :)
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