Sunday, September 18, 2005

Playing Catchup

I've just been so busy lately; for some reason I have more desire these days to actually achieve some of the goals on the neverending list of domestic to-do's than ever before.

From installing attic fans to landscaping projects, self-servicing automobiles and painting old furniture, to tying off loose ends and selling "one day I'll do something with it" domain names.

Maybe it's my increasing dissatisfaction with work (which generally this last week went a lot better, albeit still painstakingly unsatisfying) that motivates me to be more successful and productive at home. Or maybe I'm just doing this stuff to avoid reality and procrastinate on decisions like "should my child be medicated for his impulsiveness which is blocking his ability to progress in school or should we 'wait it out' or try YET another parenting methodology"

Who knows. The good thing is, a lot of stuff is getting done.

The bad thing is, it seems this productiveness needs to be fuelled by a state of perpetual malcontent in other aspects of my life.

My wife and I, on the other hand, have been getting along very well for the past few weeks. Maybe it's related to the volume of crap I'm getting done at home :)
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