Monday, October 17, 2005

Hankerin' more of the same

Well, Poker Night went really well. We had 2 newcomers to our game. Tim, a friend of Pat's (Pat didn't come) and Dave, a guy I met a good year or so back at an XBOX party my boss (now my director) threw. I remembered he loved poker so I figured he'd be a good game-hungry player to invite. They both had great attitudes and came for the fun, poker, and free drinks (courtesy of emily) and I believe a good time was had by all.

We had a relatively quick $10 tournament which, although scheduled to end around 12:00, actually ended closer to 10:30, with Justin in 3rd winning back his buy-in, Jordan taking 2nd place and $20, and newcomer Dave winning and taking the lion's share of the prize pool, a whopping $30. Not bad going.

After that was all done we played a $20 max buy-in .10/.20 ring game and it went on until the wee hours of the morning. At the end of the night, some were down, some were up, and some were even, but I think we all agreed that we'd all raked plenty of entertainment out of the night. It went so well I think I'm going to try to make it a bi-weekly affair. There are enough new folks interested that I don't think I'd have any trouble filling a 10-man tourney.

Anyways... good poker always leaves me hankerin' more of the same. I just need about 5 more people on 1 hour's notice and another $20 bill :)
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