Tuesday, April 18, 2006

New Year, New Job, New Drugs

So yeah... what else has happened... Well, Christmas came and went, and 2006 rolled in. Rowan started on medication for his ADHD and after about 4 different drugs we've just (in the past month) found one that works to help him focus and control himself at school, while at the same time having no side effects (this last part has been the most tricky). I honestly can't stand the fact that my child is taking drugs for ADHD, but at the same time I see him doing so much better, he's able to achieve normal things in school that the other kids have always done, and he comes home happier, prouder, and full of confidence. His "smiley face sheet" (a half-hourly evaluation sheet I created for his teacher to give us feedback on how he's doing throughout the day) is frequently decorated with nothing but smiley faces, as opposed to frowny faces or accompanied with notes from the principal. So, so far, so good. He's doing great.

I left my job at Neiman Marcus on the 31st of March, and started work the next Monday at American Airlines. I'm on my third week there now and so far it's going well. Right now I'm beginning work on their very-near-future ATG to WebSphere migration. It's challenging, and enjoyable, and I'm honestly glad to feel once again like I'm using a much broader range of skills which I've missed using for some time.

I'll probably post more about all this stuff as I get time, but for now... that's all the information you need :)
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