Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Windy City

So, one of the perks of my new job at AA is... well... I guess I'm not supposed to advertise it... but anyways... Last weekend Emily, Rowan, Camden and I flew to Chicago for the best part of the Easter weekend. We flew out late Thursday night, and came back on Saturday. We got a GREAT deal on a hotel at Hotwire ($80/night for a $150/night room) and we had a lot of fun. We didn't do anything breathtakingly drastic, but we had a great time nonetheless. On Friday we went to Navy Pier and rode the "big feckoff ferris wheel" as it shall now be known, and took a few rides on the carousel.

There was a LOT of walking involved and with a 2 year old in tow that got tough at times. Yeah, we should have lugged along the stroller but we actually got by pretty well with nothing but a pair of daddy's shoulders and some good old fashioned love and logic.

In the evening we decided we couldn't leave the Windy City without trying out some authentic chicago pizza pie, so we headed to Gino's East, a highly rated pizza joint with a lot of character, on Ontario and Wells in downtown Chicago. We ordered a combo platter for an appetizer, a frosty cold one for Daddy, and decided on a medium pepperoni supreme. We were kind of taken aback when the waiter told us it would take 40 minutes to make the pizza but when we saw it (40 minutes later would you believe) we kind of understood why. It was like a friggin' casserole!

We DID manage to put it all away somehow though with a lot of help from Rowan. Man it was good.

On the way back to the hotel we found a really huge, really cool McDonalds with all this memorabilia from various decades, and tons of fancy furniture ranging from fine italian sofas to those weird egg-looking chairs from the 70s. I couldn't help but notice this in the 80's display:

Lazer Tag! Too cool. This is the exact model I had when I was a young'un. Sans the hat of course... (I was never THAT cool)

So anyways... the hotel was great, the weather was real nice, and the kids actually did a great job considering all the walking we put them through :) Overall it was a really good trip.

Now we just have to decide where to go next ;)
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