Monday, May 29, 2006

Weight Loss Time

OK, I'm sick of it. Today it begins. Every time I blog I'll be posting my weight. It keeps creeping up and up on me and it's getting old. So here it ends. Today I'm 218lbs, the heaviest I've been for probably a year or more. Earlier this year I'd worked it down to around 210 but it's crept back up again as it inevitably does.

So, WWCalc is installed on the PDA (again) and it says I'm allowed 24-29 points per day. Having tried this before I know that in real terms it's VERY easy to burn up those points in very short order. (For example, a Chicken Sandwich at Chilis - from the Guiltless Grill section, no less - is 10.5 points, the same as a BMT Classic 6" sandwich from Subway) It's hard work and I'm sure on some days I'll fail. But I'm determined to stay in for the long haul. I've seen friends do extremely well on the WW points system and I've done well on it myself, in the past. I just have to stick with it.

So... My short-term goal - Shit, let's even slap a date on it - 200lbs, by September 1st.

Long term? Let's go for 175. I'll determine a date when I see how well I do on my first goal.

Wish me luck, and don't forget to send me words of encouragement, or tell me off if/when you see those numbers getting back up there.
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