Thursday, June 29, 2006

Poker tomorrow

It was Ed's birthday this week and so since we've all been itching to play again I decided it was time to host another poker game at my place. Lo and Behold! The 1st Annual Ed Mayhall Poker Extravaganza is born! It's going to be incredible. There will be stacks and stacks of cash and prizes to be won, we're having naked dancing ladies, some clowns, midgets, and exploding dogs.

Well, we'll play some poker at any rate.

Look for image posts in my Flickr space; I'll try to take some shots as the evening progresses and post them online realtime (Not that anyone in the ether will see that but it makes me happy)

212 lbs today. Two days ago I was 210 but me eating at the Indian buffet yesterday has shown an immediate impact (when I have bad days for some reason my weight jumps up like 3 pounds then 'recovers' again) - I'm right where I should be to meet my goal of 200 by September 1st. I have to say I'm really glad I'm tracking my progress visually against a goal line because if that weren't the case, I'd have given up already more than a couple times. For instance, you go to a family reunion, you eat poorly, you come back home and weigh yourself and realize you've really damaged the momentum of your weight loss progress. Disappointment, Annoyance, and the desire to pig out. This is the part where I'd normally quit. Slap the numbers on the chart though and all of a sudden it's easy to realize that you're still doing pretty well overall and the trend is still moving in the right direction. There's still a chance to recover. It's a dorky support mechanism but it's working OK.
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