Monday, June 05, 2006

Poker Tournament Results

Well... I lasted longer than Bill and Phil but I didn't win :)

Was great fun though. Actually I think Phil Hellmuth was the 2nd to go out - a victim of Songo - in an rather unimpressive sequence of events for him ($200 to him is like, what, less than a penny to me?) and Bill wasn't far behind (another notch for songo) - In fact, Songo pretty much cleaned house until neuboy started cleaning up too late in the game. I managed to hold on until 4th place at which point I went all in after flopping 2 pair - Against neuboy's flopped trips :) The rest is history.

It was a fun event. There was lots of badmouthing and joking around at the beginning and Bill Fillmaff provided plenty of laughs before Phil finally showed up (only a minute late - Not bad for him.)

I guess Ed and I need to start working on the next contest at BillvsPhil. Making a movie. We'll have to see about that one... The trip to vegas to play live with the pros sounds like fun though :)
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