Thursday, July 27, 2006

I walk the line

Let's start with the positive. 207lbs today. 11 pounds down from my starting point and 7 pounds left to lose in just about 5 weeks. The few hiccups I've made along the way hurt my momentum and overall weight loss, and to lose 7 pounds in 5 weeks at the rate I'm going now is going to be a change of pace. Eating at Kincaid's today was probably not the best decision I've made in a while - but I've been doing well for a while now too so I won't beat myself up about it. I'm still determined to meet my goal, but if I don't I need to remember to be pretty stoked to have made progress, and to just set another goal and strive to meet it.

The bad stuff? Selling your house sucks. Having to be prepared at all times to up and leave while making sure the kids don't tear the place up for a prospective buyer sucks. Staying out of the house all weekend to avoid the aforementioned scenario also sucks. Texas is HOT. Especially right now. Houses that are in foreclosure are a good bargain, but they frequently have no electricity thus no A/C. There are probably some houses we've looked at that, if I was comfortable while walking around them, I may well have fallen in love with. But it's hard to feel amorous toward an inanimate object when it's 105 degrees in the shade and you've been out all day with kids running around screaming.

What are we to do if we find a house we love anyway? (We've already been in this situation so it's a rhetorical question) We can't / aren't prepared to make an offer on the place when we don't know when ours will sell. The market our current house is in right now is saturated, and it's driven prices down to rock bottom. We've set our house at a price which is competitive, but when the competition drop their prices even more in response, what are we to do? Start digging into our equity that we earned and invested in? Take a loss? I guess that depends on how badly you want out. The competition who have already had their house on the market for 100 days or more are way more desperate than us, I'd wager... and that has a negative effect on MY bottom line too.

What's crazy is we're moving out of a neighborhood / city which is slanted in favor of the buyer, with prices dropping based on increasing development and availability - and we're wanting to move to an area where homeowners seem pretty free and able to set their own prices. Even when you fall in love with a place, it's hard to walk into something knowing that the person you're buying it from JUST purchased the place 3 months prior, and has done nothing other than shampoo the carpet and jack up the price by $50k just because they can. Ugh.

So, it's stressful. With the house buying / selling, the new job, and two new projects on my lap, as well as 2 or 3 other things I don't care to get into right now, I feel that I'm at a breaking point.

What's my coping mechanism you ask? Shit! I don't know! I don't have time to create mechanisms! Can't someone do that for me?

Right now I'm just concentrating on walking the tightrope... I'm watching the rope in front of me, making very slow advances forward, and keeping balance; For all I know the world around me might be in chaos - I can't take my eyes off the rope just yet so I have no idea. Sometimes voluntary tunnel vision is a good thing. There is no net.
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