Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mitsubishi sucks, as does Fry's Electronics.

So here I sit, awaiting the delivery of the replacement TV that Mitsubishi promised me I'd be getting by the end of August (Mine's only been broken since May... no biggie)

"Hmmm" I think as I wake this morning. "Something doesn't feel right."

My spidey senses were telling me - as I recalled the 5 (seriously) managers that stood around at Fry's on that cool Tuesday night last week, trying to figure out how to "work the system" in order to do both a pickup AND a delivery for a replacement (something I'm sure they do A LOT) without having to create two charges in the system - that maybe, just maybe, Fry's wouldn't be coming to my house today.

I called them, not more than 10 minutes ago.

Look, here... Instead of editorializing, I'll just go ahead and post a transcription. Then, when I'm done posting it, I'm just going to calmly back away from the computer and find my calm place.

Me: Hi! I'm calling to make sure that you guys are delivering to me today, I didn't get a confirmation call yesterday
Donkey: OK... Yeah they normally confirm the day before... Do you have an MDR number?
Me: No.. but I have the invoice number.
Donkey: OK... what is it?
Me: {involce number}
Donkey: Hmmm. Can you tell me again?
Me: { i n v o i c e n u m b e r }
Donkey: Hmm, nothing's pulling up. When was it supposed to be delivered?
Me: Today
Donkey: From 9-1 or 1-5?
Me: Between 9 and 1
Donkey: OK, well there's only one delivery today, so you're good
Me: So that delivery is for me?
Donkey: Yeah, there's only one.
Me: What city is it going to?
Donkey: I'm not sure, sir... but I only see the one delivery.
Me: And it's definitely for me?
Donkey: Yes sir.
Me: OK... what's my name again?
Donkey: (nervous laugh) er... heh... I'm not sure. I mean... if they told you today, there's only one delivery, so you're good to go
Me: There's a reason I'm calling... I don't think the delivery has been set up.
Donkey: {asserting himself...} ahem.. What's your name sir?
Me: {name}
Donkey: Hold on sir...

{wait about 5 minutes}

Donkey: Mr Hobbs?
Me: Yes?
Donkey: Sir, I'm not seeing it on our delivery schedule, so let me find out what's happening and I'll call you back...

Have a good day. Seriously. I know mine is going to be AWESOME.
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