Thursday, October 20, 2005

Monday, October 17, 2005

Hankerin' more of the same

Well, Poker Night went really well. We had 2 newcomers to our game. Tim, a friend of Pat's (Pat didn't come) and Dave, a guy I met a good year or so back at an XBOX party my boss (now my director) threw. I remembered he loved poker so I figured he'd be a good game-hungry player to invite. They both had great attitudes and came for the fun, poker, and free drinks (courtesy of emily) and I believe a good time was had by all.

We had a relatively quick $10 tournament which, although scheduled to end around 12:00, actually ended closer to 10:30, with Justin in 3rd winning back his buy-in, Jordan taking 2nd place and $20, and newcomer Dave winning and taking the lion's share of the prize pool, a whopping $30. Not bad going.

After that was all done we played a $20 max buy-in .10/.20 ring game and it went on until the wee hours of the morning. At the end of the night, some were down, some were up, and some were even, but I think we all agreed that we'd all raked plenty of entertainment out of the night. It went so well I think I'm going to try to make it a bi-weekly affair. There are enough new folks interested that I don't think I'd have any trouble filling a 10-man tourney.

Anyways... good poker always leaves me hankerin' more of the same. I just need about 5 more people on 1 hour's notice and another $20 bill :)

Friday, October 14, 2005


Oh yeah... and I finished the tiling project. I'm not one to 'toot my own horn' but honestly, I did a fucking bang-up job. There. I said it.

Poker night

Tonight is poker night at my place. I think I may try to take some pics of the 'event' and share them on the blog. Then again, I may be too consumed with trying to run a fair establishment to be focused on taking pics :)

6 players tonight, provided everyone who says they'd show up shows up. I think about 18 people were originally invited... the poker crew I run with tends to err on the side of flaky if they respond at all, so I'm doing all I can to beef up the group; 'flakeBuffer++' if you will.

Usually a good time is had by all at such engagements, whether money is made or lost. Hopefully tonight will not disappoint.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Buckling under the [Peer] Pressure

ok, ok... I'll post something. I'll take time out of my BUSY BUSY day (I've been using my brain since 9am.. thinking about going home uses a lot of energy) to stop and post some arbitrary nuggets of trivia about what's currently going on around me and in my life. Let's see, where was I...

Well, Rowan has been officially diagnosed as having ADHD.

Now that we have an official diagnosis, the school system is, all of a sudden, able to provide us with additional assistance. They can actually NOW start to work with us to make Rowan's school life more productive and useful. Seems to me that the overstretched and underfunded school system we have at our disposal in this fine country can't really do anything to work through problems like ours without first getting some much needed funds. Diagnosing kids with ADHD seems like a ticket to receiving those funds... I can see why this might be becoming a disturbing trend. I have to battle my feelings about the whole funding issue because underneath it all I know that it's an accurate diagnosis of Rowan's condition. We've done all the things we're supposed to do, we've seen multiple psychologists, and we're simply not seeing the long-term improvements that need to happen. I could see, however, cases of kids with dyslexia, boredom, or just not being very smart, being misdiagnosed as ADHD just because the school kind of needs the additional assistance.

Stigma aside, it is what it is. It actually feels good to finally be getting some real, honest-to-goodness help from SOMEWHERE. We feel validated after 4 hard years of feeling frustrated and guilty about our parenting skills. We feel relief from the assistance that we're now getting. We feel hopeful that we'll be able to succeed in raising Rowan now we're getting the help of others.

Hillary Clinton was onto something when she coined the old saying 'It takes a village to raise a child'. Honestly, without getting the help we're starting to get now, I don't know how we could ever hope to be successful in raising Rowan.

So, 'behavior plans' are being created and disseminated, assistance from the school is coming (these things still take time), and evaluation of actions and progress will begin very soon. Medication may well be in the not-so-distant future, my opinions around which will be reserved for another post.

In other news, I'm currently tiling our laundry room. Matching existing tile in your home is tricky. Don't shop around, Don't try to find something that is close. Just find the manufacturer, call them, and order it no matter what the cost. Trust me on this one.

I should be done with the tiling project by Sunday. I'm hoping that we can adorn our new floor with a spunky new washer and dryer, since our washing machine reminds me, on a weekly basis, of the Simpsons episode "Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?" where the Simpson's old washer and dryer race against each other, vibrating across the floor in Moe's tavern at the end of the episode. This is not a new 'want' of mine; our washing machine has been this way for close to a year now. I think we got our money's worth out of it. However the only way I think I'll be able to convince the wife that this medium-sized investment is, indeed, a necessity at this time in our lives (I'm getting tired of taking turns to hold it down during the spin cycle) - is to... well, to "lose" the washing machine in a freak "I was just moving the washing machine when it dropped from an 8ft height, and now I'm trying to repair it with this mallet" accident.

If you only watch one piece of 'internet trash' this week, make sure it's the GI Joe episode "Give him the stick" from this collection. Enjoy.