Saturday, June 18, 2011

Onkyo SR-TX706 HDMI Issues?

Well, I tried to make some tweets about this in the hopes that they'd be discoverable on google but I guess that didn't work quite the way I expected it to.

So... I'll share it here which should be more search-engine friendly...

I just successfully fixed my Onkyo SR-TX706 A/V receiver after experiencing weird HDMI handshake issues, and (eventually) the inability to watch 1080P sources.

The symptoms, for me, were:
  • HDMI sync either doesn't work at higher resolutions (1080P) or takes a LONG time, with random colored static when sync finally happens.
  • In the mornings when first turning on the AVR, I would have to wait 10-15 minutes for the unit to 'warm up' before any HDMI sources would work (system falling back to analog source, or showing "no signal" for the selected input)
  • This problem progressively became worse until eventually I couldn't use ANY 1080P sources like a BluRay player or my WDTV in 1080P mode. 480P still seemed to work fairly consistently though (I'm assuming due to lower 'bandwidth' requirements)
Here's the original thread about similar issues on the TX606:

...I can confirm that the same fix applies and works for the 706, although the board layout is slightly different on the 706 and has more of the capacitors that need replaced.

Onkyo 706 -specific info:

Replace these 4 capacitors on top of the hdmi daughterboard (I colored them blue so you can see them more easily):

and these 8 on the bottom of the HDMI board:

... w/100uF 10V 105° ones. The original capacitors are surface mount capacitors which are hard to solder for the average home user. As long as they're the right specs, you can use higher temperature-rated (105°C), traditional radial electrolytic capacitors.

I was able to find the capacitors at MCM Electronics for less than $20 shipped:
(when ordering >10 pieces, the price reduces to < 60c each)

Hope it helps someone with similar issues! Good luck! Sure beats going out and buying a new AVR for $400-$500. After the fix my AVR works flawlessly again.

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